Hunter Engineering Company

Hunter Engineering Company: Build it and They Will Come!

New Hunter facility already has bookings. When Hunter Engineering Company decided to expand their Canadian headquarters, they had more than just …

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Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge: Do You Speak Sidewall?

How to explain sidewall nomenclature to your customers. There is a wealth of information on the sidewall of every tire, and that information has become increasingly complicated as evidenced


Influence with Ease: The Dreaded F-Word

Five reasons to avoid the FRIEND zone with customers. Conventional workplace wisdom espouses the virtue of employees being friendly with customers. While friendliness is a good thing, too often

LT Tires

LT Tires: Tough Sell

Your customers’ trucks may be seeing heavier duty, which means they’re going to need tougher LT tires. As more and more Canadians shed their sedans in favour of SUVs

Commercial Customers

Commercial Customers: Catering to the Trades

All those “one-truck fleets” add up. If you divide your customers into fleet or consumers, you’re missing something: the trades. While they are commercial, they have specific needs that

Burlington Tire and Auto

Burlington Tire and Auto: Better With Time

Serving one generation after another.  In 1976, Burt Levine started selling tires out of his Burlington garage, delivering them with his van. Eventually, he rented a one-bay shop and

Giti Tire

Giti Tire: Man of Many Talents

Giti Tire’s Executive VP of Operations knows how important diversity is to success. Before joining Giti Tire USA nine years ago, Julianto Djajadi describes himself as a typical tire

Employee Training

Employee Training: Prepare to Win!

Like it or not, the white stuff is on the way. Is your staff ready to sell? Last winter was real and visible – very cold temperatures, freezing rain,

Tire World

Tire World: The Little Tire Shop That Grew… and Grew

Turning a challenge into an opportunity.  When Jeff Sumilas started out in the tire business, he had a small shop in Malton, Ontario for about a year and a

Paul Hembery

Paul Hembery: A Lifelong Passion for Motorsports

Pirelli Motorsport Director Paul Hembery graciously accepted my interview request by inviting me to visit the Pirelli paddock to check out his team of thirty-plus technicians who were