SEMA Show: Hunter Welcomes Canadians

Always certain to be one of the most prominent exhibitors in this important international show. Last year the SEMA Show drew a huge crowd of domestic …

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Winter Tires

Winter Tires: It’s Time to Think About it

As winter approaches, Sailun reminds us that all-season tires need to be switched out for winter tires for the safest driving this winter, even before the snow begins to fall. “The

Tires 23

Tires 23: Passionate About Tires

Performance enthusiasts turn their passion for racing into a successful and thriving tire business. Some of the most successful businesses are those that were started by individuals with a

Dynamic Tire

Made in China: Sizing Up the Stigma

Breaking down the “Made in China” myth. With Japanese manufacturers dominating world markets in cars, tires and electronics, it’s hard to believe “made in Japan” was once akin to

Consumer Education

Consumer Education: Winter Wise

Are consumers warming up to the winter tire message? As soon as the temperatures drop, Canadians across the country start getting ready for winter. Parkas and boots come out

Market Forecast

Market Forecast: The Perfect Storm

Will last year’s harsh winter impact tire sales? While the rest of us were shivering in our boots and cursing the polar vortex, last winter’s severe weather did make

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing: The Cheat Sheet

Top 10 reasons why your customers should buy winter tires. A customer is in your showroom, literally kicking tires. She thinks she needs winter tires, but she’s not 100% sure.

Atlas Tire

Best Practices: Knock-Knock…

Who’s there? It’s Old Man Winter... again! Every year something happens in Canada… winter... an annual event since annual anythings on Earth have existed. However, some people think it

Atlas Tire

Atlas Tire Wholesale: Winter Tire Training

Atlas Tire University puts the spotlight on winter tires and driver safety. The most recent installment of “Atlas Tire University” focused on the upcoming winter tire market with an


TDAC National Trade Show and Conference: Understanding the Import-Car Customer

You’re losing business if you don’t cater to these consumers. The size and continued growth of the import-vehicle fleet is the most significant agent of change in the Canadian