SmartWay Verified Tires: Need to Know

Canadian tire retailers should be familiar with the SmartWay Technology Program. If you carry commercial tires, it’s imperative to be familiar with …

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Atlas Tire

Tire Stretching: Just Say “No!”

Refuse to do anything that might compromise the safety of your customer’s vehicle. The tire business is full of “fads.” They come and go. Some are harmless, but unfortunately


The Studless Wonder

TireNews travels to the Arctic Circle in Sweden to test drive Pirelli’s newest winter tire. Lulea, Sweden - TireNews was invited to the top of the world, just minutes


The Carlstar Group: Hunting Season

A changing marketplace has forced this organization to change the way they “hunt” for sales. The tire business, like all other industries, is always changing. Not only are the

T&B Auto Services

T&B Auto Services: Stock & Trade

T&B Auto Services keeps customers and profits coming, by stocking high levels of inventory. Back in the days when Goodyear owned their own stores, Thakoor Chetana, otherwise known as

tire changer

Equipment & Tools: Tomorrow’s Technology Today

The invention of the wheel may have changed the course of human history, but the invention of sophisticated tire mounting equipment is changing the way shops operate. Back in

UHP Tires

UHP Tires: Mainstream Marketing

The UHP market has changed, and so should your marketing message. You’ve probably heard the expression “a rising tide lifts all boats.” When it comes to tires, the “tide”


Trends: UHP for the Masses

The Ultra High Performance (UHP) segment is no longer just about ultimate performance. Once a “specialty” tire, the ultra high performance (UHP) tire is now firmly in the mainstream.


OTDA: The Voice of the Tire Dealer

The Ontario Tire Dealers Association (OTDA) has been the voice of the tire dealer going back to the midpoint of the last century. When government creates mandates for industry

Human Ressources

Best Practices: Preparing for the Spring Rush

You can take charge of rush season, hire the right people, and make it productive and profitable. While there’s no magic bullet for avoiding the frenzy of seasonal tire