Pirelli: The Cyber Tire

An embedded sensor “reads the road” to inform the driver. Modern cars, as it’s often so famously pointed out, have more sensors and computing …

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Albert Au

Speedstar: Searching for Satisfaction

Albert Au wasn’t happy “just” being a mechanic. So he stuck his neck out, venturing into the wonderful world of business ownership. It’s amazing where boredom can take you. When


John Peron: Committed to Quality

Hunter Engineering’s new Director of Canadian Operations explains his vision of quality for Canada. Insight and understanding are qualities that can only be acquired through experience. So when John

Wanted: Shelf Space

Wanted: Shelf Space

Storing tires for customers is good for business… But where do you put them? There is no question that tire dealers should offer tire storage services to their customers.


Customer Service: To Sell, or Not to Sell?

Is the winter changeover season the right time to upsell customers on products and services, or should you be focusing all your efforts on selling winter tires alone? From


Legislation : Winter Tire Laws

Drops, discounts, and a controversial allowance: A closer look at what some provinces are doing. Canada doesn’t have a winter tire federal mandate, of course, but provincial governments are

Atlas Tire

Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc.: 25 Years… and Counting!

Atlas Tire celebrates a quarter century in business, while planning for an even bigger and brighter future. This year, Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc. is celebrating 25 years in business


National Tire Sales & Service: No Rest for the Successful

It takes time, energy and the right relationships to reach the heights this auto industry business owner has seen. Mustafa Shiekh is a busy man. As the owner, operator and president of


RNJ Tires: The Power of Small

Staying small and specialized have been the keys to RNJ’s successful past, present and future. Selling and installing tires is at its core a business transaction. But the folks


TDAC: Membership Has Its Privileges

By Gary Hoover Tire industry professionals look forward to the 2016 TDAC National Convention and Trade Show. The Tire Dealers Association of Canada (TDAC), was founded in Toronto, Ontario in