Atlas Tire University:

Atlas Tire University: Atlas Tire Hosts “Spring Semester”

Tire dealers prepare for the 2015 selling season. Atlas Tire Wholesale’s latest installment of Atlas Tire University focused on the coming spring …

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OE Fitments

OE Fitments: The New Normal

High Performance tires are no longer exclusively for the high performance crowd. I think the majority would agree that a High Performance tire has a speed rating of “H” or

Retail Strategies

Retail Strategies: “I’m Sorry! How Much?”

What to do when price gets in the way. New-car buyers often experience two kinds of sticker shock. The first is when they buy the car, and the second


ATDA: OTR Recycling

We’re ready for change. There’s an energy and vigour that always accompanies a new administration. A new government inspires optimism, hope, and steadfast commitment. New Brunswickers’ have declared a


OTS : From Paper to iPads

Ontario Tire Stewardship goes paperless. After some intensive development and two beta launches, Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) launched its TreadMarks Mobile electronic manifest system officially in August 2014. They


Bob Bignell: A Lifelong Passion

Well known in the industry, this tire professional is making things happen. A few months ago, during the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the Tire Industry Association (TIA)


Goodyear: Self-Inflating Tires

Air Maintenance Technology is now undergoing real life testing on Canadian roads. Modern tires are pretty good at holding air. But they’re not perfect. Tire manufacturers continue to work on developing technologies to


Continental : Two New Must-Have Winter Tires

Continental recently invited thirty North American distributors to Montana’s snowy wonderland to test two of the newest members of its winter tire lineup. For starters, the new Continental WinterContact

Market Strategy

Market Strategy: Buy Low; Sell High

It’s time to take advantage of the falling value of the Canadian dollar. 2014 was a good year for the consumer sector of the tire industry in Canada. The

ce Driving Canada

Ask the right questions: Knowledge Always Pays Off

Every customer that comes into your store represents an opportunity to display your knowledge, expertise, and vast inventory of tires that can satisfy and exceed the expectations of