Low Rolling Resistance

Low Rolling Resistance: Counting the Costs

If you’re recommending low rolling resistance tires to your customers, you may be wondering just how much of a difference these tires really make. A …

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Human Resources

Human Resources: From Hired to Fired

Do you know the laws that govern hiring and firing in Canada as well as you think you do? Many Canadian businesses are unaware of their legal rights and

Attitude Adjustments

Influence with Ease: Making Attitude Adjustments

Improving customer service behaviour. Today, it’s more important than ever for managers to be able to confront unacceptable employee behaviour. Next time one of your frontline employees needs an

Tire Industry Association

Tire Industry Association: The Predictable Digital Process

Does your digital experience match up? Today’s tire customers go through the same basic buying steps they went through before the Internet. They’ve just adapted it to the Internet.


ConExpo: Tough Tires for Tough Jobs

Tire makers introduce new products at the 2014 ConExpo. The 2014 ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas puts the spotlight on new products and services for the construction

Avoiding Disaster

Avoiding Disaster: Spring into Safety

An ounce of prevention could mean the difference between safe motoring and a potentially catastrophic incident. With this brutal winter behind us (let’s hope), thoughts of camping and summer

Ontario Dealer Day

Ontario Dealer Day: Know the Future

Atlas Tire helps dealers determine future demand. On April 16th, the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA), in conjunction with Co-Auto, for the first time presented “Ontario Dealer Day,” a

Atlas Tire

Atlas Tire: Words to Live By

Supplying tires and information to an ever-changing Canadian marketplace... Mission statements are a funny thing. Most companies have one, but very few do anything with it. Most like to

UHP Tire Market

UHP Tire Market: Are You Ready

Spring is finally here and summer is near. The tire industry is geared up to sell tires for the season and hopefully a lot of them will be

Retro Styling

Retro Styling: redefining the Past

Over the past fifteen years, we have witnessed the re-birth of a vast number of automotive icons... along with their retro-styled wheels. Manufacturers are bringing back the past with