Proper Pressure

Proper Pressure: Back to Basics

Make all tires environmentally friendly by checking the tire pressure. In today’s tire market, consumers have a myriad of eco options when …

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Ontario Tire Stewardship

Ontario Tire Stewardship: Counting the Costs

Major changes are in the pipeline for the Ontario Tire Stewardship program. The Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) program is now almost five years old, Andrew Horsman, OTS Executive Director

Customer Retention

Customer Retention: Keep ‘em Smiling

It’s easier to mine your existing customer database for increased sales and profits than to look for new business. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, consumers have an abundance of

Rubbish Sink

Rubbish Sink: Rub-a-Dub-Dub

Recycled tires near the tub. Would anyone believe that the same properties that make rubber ideal for tires also make it great for a bathroom sink? But that’s exactly why


R&D: Turning Weeds into Tires

As manufacturers look for alternate sources of natural rubber, Continental bets on the Russian Dandelion as a viable option for future production. While most people take tires for granted,

Low Rolling Resistance

Low Rolling Resistance: Counting the Costs

If you’re recommending low rolling resistance tires to your customers, you may be wondering just how much of a difference these tires really make. A growing number of tire

Human Resources

Human Resources: From Hired to Fired

Do you know the laws that govern hiring and firing in Canada as well as you think you do? Many Canadian businesses are unaware of their legal rights and

Attitude Adjustments

Influence with Ease: Making Attitude Adjustments

Improving customer service behaviour. Today, it’s more important than ever for managers to be able to confront unacceptable employee behaviour. Next time one of your frontline employees needs an

Tire Industry Association

Tire Industry Association: The Predictable Digital Process

Does your digital experience match up? Today’s tire customers go through the same basic buying steps they went through before the Internet. They’ve just adapted it to the Internet.


ConExpo: Tough Tires for Tough Jobs

Tire makers introduce new products at the 2014 ConExpo. The 2014 ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas puts the spotlight on new products and services for the construction