Speedstar: Searching for Satisfaction

Albert Au wasn’t happy “just” being a mechanic. So he stuck his neck out, venturing into the wonderful world of business ownership. It’s …

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Timberland: Old Tires Get the Boot

Landmark partnership means new life for old rubber. These boots are made for walking, according to the old song, but the newest generation of footwear was actually made for


OTS : From Paper to iPads

Ontario Tire Stewardship goes paperless. After some intensive development and two beta launches, Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) launched its TreadMarks Mobile electronic manifest system officially in August 2014. They


Commercial Tires – Snow + LRR = No Problem!

Government testing says LRR tires OK on packed snow. There are few more pervasive trends in the auto industry these days than improving fuel economy. Not only increasingly mandated


Merson Automotive – Competing on Service

Customer service sets Merson apart. Montreal’s Merson Automotive has been a neighbourhood staple for four decades, so it’s safe to say the Mersons have a pretty good handle on


Meulensteen Tire – A Family Affair

Meulensteen brothers put community first Like many young people whose parents own their own businesses, Dave and Steve Meulensteen got a taste of entrepreneurship early, working in their father’s