New legislation: Are you still king of the CASL?

This July, Canada’s Anti-Spam Law comes into effect. It will change everything you thought you knew about regulations governing outreach to your …

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Coming Together: One Brand

As the owner of Fix Auto Canada, I had already been through the process of restructuring many companies and turning them into one organization.  I wanted everyone operating without

Collision Repair Trends

Collision Repair Trends: Some Numbers to Ponder

Recently, the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association in the United States published a study of Industry Statistics and Analysis on Collision Repair Trends. The 2013 edition included statistics on

Bilingual Training

Bilingual Training: Leave no One Behind

Quebec partnership supports translation of I-CAR courses. Canada has a rich and unique history. The current Canadian landscape is made up of two very different identities — French and


I-CAR Accredits DeVilbiss SprayMaster Curriculum

  DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing has been accredited by the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) as an Industry Training Alliance provider of continuing education to the collision repair

Graph Showing Aluminum Penetration for Closures & Complete Bodies
Photo: Ducker Worldwide

Study—Truck Parts to be 75% Aluminum by 2025

A study by Ducker Worldwide predicts that truck parts will be 75 percent aluminum by 2025. In fact, complete aluminum-bodies are projected to comprise 18 percent of all light


CAIW : Steps to Success

Orla McGregor is the Manager of Commercial Auto SAB for Intact Insurance in Calgary and also the President of the Insurance Professionals of Calgary. Orla McGregor began her career


OARA Working with Moe: Regulation Heading our Way?

The auto recycling industry across Canada plays a significant part in the end-of-life vehicle process, depolluting cars in an environmentally responsible manner and getting parts ready for their


DesRosiers: Measuring Change

A closer look at the collision market in Canada. One of the dynamic and entertaining speakers at this year’s CCIF event in Toronto was Andrew King, Managing Partner at


Mitchell Industry Trends Report

  Mitchell has prepared Volume 14 of the Industry Trends Report. It focuses on physical damage to an automobile and contains a section about the Canadian Collision Industry. In that sector,